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As you already know,beads differ from each other by type,shape,color and size. Skull beads,as one of the most unique types of beads also differs from each other.

You may say that skull beads all look like each other and have too few differences between them, but you are wrong. There are a lot of different types of skull beads,that differ not only by color,but by shape and size too. Let’s find out which are the most popular types of skull beads that are available today:

* Black ceramic skull beads
-these are high fired ceramic beads with a black glaze.Their holes run from side to side.

* Pirate skull beads-one of the most unique handmade skull beads. They are made from ceramics and are handpainted in Peru. Pirate skull beads come in two sizes, smaller ones are 12mm in width and 14mm tall.The larger ones are 2x more bigger,about 24mm.

* High fired tiny skull beads-as you can see from the name of that skull beads,they are tiny high fired skulls and it’s size is about 13x10mm. They have a large hole.High fired tiny skull beads, just like Pirate skull beads are made in Peru.
* White skull beads-they are crafted from porcelain bisque and have white and black accents with a large holes side to side

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